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2022 Planning Board Meetings

02-02-23 Meeting

The Planning Board discussed the following:

  1. Sketch Review of a Special Use Permit and Site Plan Application for Jenkins Road Solar, located on County Route 16 (Jenkins Rd), tax parcel #54.19-2-22.13.

  2. Sketch Review of an 11-lot Major Subdivision Application for LeRay Commons, located on US Route 11, tax parcel #64.20-1-43.

  3. Sketch Review of a Site Plan Application for Pinches Braun, located on NYS Route 3, tax parcel #83.08-1-66.2.

  4. Discuss change of Zoning Law, regulating short term rentals.

02-02-23 Notice
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02-02-23 Work Session Minutes
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03-02-23 Meeting Minutes
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01-05-23 Meeting

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