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Nathan Toutant, Clerk to the Supervisor


Phone: (315) 629-1817



Ronald Taylor


The Town Board is responsible for enacting local laws and Town policies, approving budgets and amendments, authorizing special project expenditures, approving bids for services, materials and contracts, and making appointments to the Town’s departments and boards. Town Board members are elected at-large and include the Supervisor, who serves a two-year term, and four Councilpersons, who serve four-year terms and are staggered. The Town Board meets regularly to discuss and act on matters of Town governance. We invite all members of the community to attend our meetings and participate in the decision-making process.

Town Board meetings are held at 4:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except November) in the Board Room of the Municipal Office Building, located at 8650 LeRay Street, Evans Mills, NY, in addition to any special meetings, which will be called if needed. Town Board meetings are open to the public and persons attending are offered the opportunity to speak regarding the issues before the Board or other issues of interest to them. Legal notices, including Special Meeting notices, are published in the Watertown Daily Times newspaper.

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Meeting: 4:00 PM
Board Room

8650 LeRay Street, Evans Mills, NY 13637


Local Laws

A local law to amend sections 158-6, 158-20, and 158 Attachment 1 "Schedule of District Uses" of the Code of the Town of LeRay.

A local law to amend Chapter 69, Unsafe Buildings and Structures of the Code of the Town of LeRay.

A local law to set water and sewer rates for 2023.

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