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Lee Shimel | ZEO


Phone: (315) 629-5532

Fax: (315) 629-4393

Morgan Melancon | Secretary


Phone: (315) 629-5532


Monday - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Thursday - 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Friday - 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM 

(Except for Holidays)

Lee Shimel

Appointed by the Town Board, the Zoning Enforcement Officer assumes the responsibility of evaluating and making decisions on Zoning Permit Applications. They meticulously assess the submissions, either approving or denying them based on compliance with the applicable zoning regulations. Moreover, they accurately interpret and map out Zone Boundaries on Zoning Maps and are authorized to issue Stop-Work Orders when noncompliance with the Town Zoning Laws is observed. If there are matters subject to appeal, the Zoning Enforcement Officer appropriately refers them to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Zoning Enforcement Officer maintains regular communication with the Town Municipal Offices on a daily basis, ensuring receipt of messages and assignments. In addition, they promptly return phone messages and schedule meetings with residents and business owners whenever necessary, offering assistance, clarifying inquiries, and reviewing Zoning Applications.

What zone do you live in?

Agricultural Residential District


Mixed Economic Development District

Residential Single-Family District

Commercial Corridors District

Planned Development District

Explore your area more closely with our Zoning Index Map! This feature divides the entire Town map into detailed, manageable sections, making it easier to locate your home and identify your specific Zoning District. Simply click on the Zoning Index Map to select the detailed map relevant to your location. Once you find your district, the above links will guide you straight to the regulations applicable to your Zoning District. Discover the details of your zoning area today!

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For more detailed zoning maps, click here.

Other Duties of the

Zoning Enforcement Officer:

Zoning Violation Investigation

The Zoning Enforcement Officer conducts thorough investigations into reported zoning violations. With a commitment to upholding zoning regulations, the ZEO carefully assesses complaints, conducts site inspections, and gathers evidence to determine the presence of any violations. By taking prompt and appropriate action, we strive to maintain the integrity and compliance of our community's zoning standards.

Enforcement Actions

In cases where zoning violations persist despite initial warnings or notices, the Zoning Enforcement Officer takes appropriate enforcement actions. This may involve issuing citations, imposing fines, or pursuing legal measures to bring about compliance with the zoning laws. By taking these steps, he ensures that accountability is upheld and that the community's interests are safeguarded.

Compliance Assistance

The Zoning Enforcement Officer serves as a valuable resource for the community. He offers guidance and assistance to residents, property owners, and businesses regarding zoning regulations. He provides information on how to achieve compliance, suggest alternative solutions, and offers resources to help individuals navigate the zoning process.

Continued Professional Development

The Zoning Enforcement Officer engages in ongoing professional development and stays up to date with changes in zoning laws, regulations, and best practices. This dedication to professional growth allows the Zoning Enforcement Officer to provide informed guidance, make well-informed decisions, and stay current with the latest developments in the field of zoning enforcement.

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