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Reference Description
Area Variance

An Area Variance permits property adjustments beyond usual rules, helping owners tackle unique space challenges while maintaining neighborhood harmony.

Change of Tenant Permit

Certification issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer acknowledging a change of tenant for businesses.

Dog Licensing Worksheet

New York State requires that all dogs over the age of 4 months be licensed.  The dog license must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Driveway Permit

A driveway permit is a property owner's request for local approval to build or alter a driveway linking to a public road, ensuring it meets safety and local rules.


If a ZEO denies a permit based on their interpretation of zoning law, the applicant can appeal to the ZBA for a different interpretation. Similarly, a neighbor can appeal if they disagree with a permit issued.

Lot Line Adjustment

A Lot Line Adjustment is when one property owner transfers land to another, changing lot sizes without creating new lots.

Major Subdivision

A Major Subdivision refers to dividing a piece of land into five or more lots or any subdivision that requires extending municipal facilities, such as water or sewage lines.

Marriage License

A New York State marriage license can be obtained from the Town Clerk's Office for a fee of $40 paid by cash or check. The fee for a marriage license for Active Duty Military Members is $17.50.

Minor Subdivision

A Minor Subdivision is dividing land into up to four lots without adding municipal services and ensuring it doesn't hinder the area's development or affect neighbors.

Parking Permit

The Town Clerk's Office issues disabled parking permits under the authority of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. For additional information, please visit the New York State DMV.

SEQR Long Form - Part 1

The SEQR Long Form is a detailed environmental review in New York, involving an extensive assessment and public input on a project's environmental impact, ensuring a thorough evaluation before approval.

SEQR Short Form - Part 1

The SEQR Short Form is a streamlined environmental review in New York for projects with minor impacts, using a simplified assessment to ensure efficient and effective evaluation.

Sign Permit

Grants permission to a property owner to install or modify a sign on their property. Sign permits ensure that signs meet certain safety and aesthetic standards and comply with local zoning laws and regulations.

Site Plan & Special Use Permit

The Special Use Permit allows landowners to use their property for purposes usually not allowed in their zoning area, like churches, schools, or certain businesses.

Site Plan

Site Plan Review checks new buildings and additions against local rules, zoning, and design standards, ensuring efficient land use and neighborhood compatibility.

Site Plan Modification

A Site Plan Modification is a request to update or change an approved plan, including land use conversions and construction alterations, to meet new needs and requirements.

State Driveway Permit

A NYS Highway Work Permit Application is a request to the NYSDOT for approval to perform non-utility work on state highways, required for any activity affecting highway rights-of-way.

Use Variance

A Use Variance is a special case-by-case permission from the Zoning Board of Appeals, letting owners use their land in ways not usually allowed by zoning laws, provided they demonstrate hardship.

Water & Sewer Hookup

Offers key information for property owners and contractors on getting a Water and/or Sewer Service Permit in the Town of LeRay, detailing Board guidelines and steps for new connections.

Zoning Complaint Form

A document for reporting suspected zoning law violations to local authorities, addressing regulations on land use and building functions in specific areas.

Zoning Permit

Authorizes a property owner to use their land for specific purposes, like new construction or additions, ensuring compliance with local zoning laws aimed at public health and safety.

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